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Workshop (ACoP13 2022)

OSP-Suite/esqLABS GmbH

Length: 1 Day

October 30, 2022
8:30 am - 5:30 pm
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esqLABS, in collaboration with the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado, is conducting a workshop on Sunday October 30th, demonstrating the application of PK-Sim® and MoBi®. This OSP-Suite ( is used for physiologically-based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) and quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) modelling and simulation applications. The workshop will be held as an in-person & virtual satellite event for the ACoP13 Meeting 2022 in Aurora, Colorado, USA.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. access and use OSP community qualified content and integrate qualified compound model templates within projects (including demonstration of new workflows with the recent Version 11 of the OSP Suite)
  2. evaluate virtual Bioequivalence (vBE) and conduct in-vitro-in-vivo correlation (IVIVC) using PK-Sim and published template models and how qualified intended use scenarios are reported
  3. customize & extend PBPK models to simulate disease mechanisms and drug effects (PBPK/PD or PBPK-QSP models). This is exemplified on a protein/antibody PBPK model for antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of tumor growth considering target-mediated drug disposition (TMDD)

The workshop will not require prior experience with the software but will still be of relevance for advanced users.


The one-day workshop will be held on October 30th from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. A detailed Agenda will follow soon.


We offer 10 seats for industry and 5 seats for academia on site. 
Unlimited online participation is possible.
On-site participants can provide details on their food requirements before checkout.

Hands-On Material

The workshop will be conducted using our newly launched online academic learning & industry training platform for the OSP-Suite with up-to-date and curated application examples for PK-Sim and MoBi in PBPK and QSP.

Participant access to our learning & training platform for the workshop material is included and helps to both prepare, follow, and review the workshop. The material is highly recommended for continuous and in-depth training on the software.

For academia, access is free through our esqLABS' Academic Learning Center.

For Industry, access to the workshop material is included in the registration. Registrants will get a one-time rebate voucher to obtain the material. Additional material can be purchased (esqLABS' Shop) to cover our costs of continuous maintenance of the up-to-date and curated training material and to enable free access to the material for young researchers in academia. Add to Cart:

Add to Cart:

  • Hands-On: Antibody Therapy in Oncology (To be updated soon)
  • Hands-On: IVIVC and Bioequivalence (To be released soon)


  • You will need your laptop, with the following software pre-installed.
  • To download the software version 11, please click here
  • Download & install the R distribution (Ver 4.0+) from here
  • Download & install FREE RStudio Desktop (a GUI for R with additional functionalities for e.g. debugging and code visualization) from here


The location for the face-to-face workshop is the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado,

  • Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Seminar Room 1000
  • 12850 East Montview Blvd
  • Aurora CO 80045

Online participants will receive dial-in information 2-3 days ahead of the meeting. 


The workshop will be held by consultants and scientists of esqLABS GmbH with extensive experience in the use of PK-Sim® & MoBi® in all application areas.

Dr. Stephan Schaller (CEO and Lead Scientist)

Dr. Luis-David Jimenez-Franco (Senior Consultant)

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